Friday, May 13, 2016 The Weight


Here's the latest financial comic for This week's subject is the market's effect on proposed interest rate hike.

The crew at asked me to draw the following: Janet Yellen attempting to bench press a set of weights reading "0.75%" (the proposed interest rate). Preventing her from doing so would be two big bulls (the market). One was to be actually holding the barbells down and the other was to be sort of taunting Yellen with the "Oh no you don't" hand gesture.  I was also asked to include the words "FED Rates" on the wall in the background.

Here's the layout sketch:

And here's the final:


I chose a different angle this time around. Typically, because time is so limited for these comics, I'll essentially draw the scene as a straight shot (with the camera on the same level as the characters). But this time the camera is raised up slightly and looking down at the scene. I figured a side shot might not work as well given that the barbells might block Yellen's face. Also, this angle seemed like it would be more interesting to look at.

I think it IS a more dynamic, interesting angle. But it was a lot more work to arrange and draw the scene this way. I'm not used to arranging things like this, so it doesn't come naturally or easily. And I'm still not completely sure I drew it convincingly. The bull in the white tank top, for instance: his head/face angle seems off.

Still, I think it was a good effort, and I'm going to make more of an effort in the future to try different angles and perspectives. Seems like a good skill to build up. Plus, I could use the practice.

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