Friday, May 20, 2016 Oil be darned

Hullo. Here's the latest comic for This week's subject is about the partial recovery of oil prices.

Here's the layout:

And here's the final:

Not going to sugar coat it: This one was not so much fun. There was just a TON of stuff going on in this comic. Even re-using characters from older cartoons, this took me 10 hours. And, mostly because it's so busy, it's not my favorite comic. I know, that seems counter-intuitive coming from a guy who loves detail as much as I do, but there it is.

But, take a look at what happens when you take out everything in the foreground:

You get a thing I pretty much never draw: A landscape. And, what's more, not a terrible looking one, either. Kind of peaceful.

Until next week,


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