Friday, March 25, 2016 European De-Union


Here's the latest comic for This week's topic is the looming fear of a European Union breakup, most recently inspired by security concerns.

I was asked by the crew at to draw the European Union building in Brussels. In front of said building, they asked me to draw the flags of the European Union, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France (with the EU flag in the center). On one side, climbing up the EU flagpole, I was asked to draw an ISIS fighter with an ISIS flag hanging out of his back pocket. One the other side I was asked to draw a British palace guard walking away holding the Union Jack. Between the two, I was asked to draw German Chancellor Angela Merkel straining to reach the two but not quite managing to do so.

Here's the layout:

And here's the final:


Another fairly complex comic this week, mostly owing to the three characters and the complex EU building. But I think it turned out fairly well. Merkel's caricature is serviceable, I think. And I like the treatment of the sky. I've been trying to use the sky as another means of conveying the emotion of the comic lately (with mixed success).

Overall, I think this is a decent result.

Until next week,


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