Friday, November 6, 2015 VW sputters, Tesla surges.


Here's the latest comic for This time around, the subject is the falling fortunes of Volkswagon and the rising fortunes of Tesla.

The good folks at asked me to draw a two-panel comic. In the first panel I was asked to draw a VW bug (2015) spewing a cloud of exhaust while driving through an environment ravaged by global warming. The second panel was to show a Tesla Model S driving through a bucolic scene with blue skies and green hills.

Here's the layout sketch:

And here's the final:


I decided to draw the cars from the side (a 3/4 view is harder and more time-intensive and a front view makes it harder to easily distinguish the car models). Because of that choice, it made more sense to split the cartoon horizontally rather than vertically.

Drawing the two divergent backgrounds and moods was super fun. Having this kind of variety in a comic is always challenging, but also interesting. Two-panel cartoons are more work for sure, but they're just more interesting to draw. I didn't even mind drawing the cars this time (they're usually difficult and frustrating subjects for me), but this time it was manageable.

Finally, I'm continuing my efforts to loosen up my style: visible sketch lines, various line weights, and visible brush strokes. Things aren't as carefully drawn, and I think the result is less stodgy and more energetic. But it's a work in progress.

Overall, pretty fun comic and (I think) a pretty strong result.

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