Friday, June 19, 2015 Yacht See


Here's the latest comic for This week's comic will act as a promotion for's new app. The team asked me to draw a 2-panel comic. Panel one was to show a Wall-Street banker type checking his portfolio page on the computer in his office. Panel two was to show the same guy, this time checking his portfolio on his phone from aboard his yacht.

Here's the sketch:

Real-estate in comics is at a premium, right? There just isn't a lot of space to depict absolutely everything you have to depict. And you also don't have a ton of time. I'm not sure about the average amount of eyeball time a comic is given by the average reader, but it probably ain't much. So we tend to use shorthand and symbols whenever we can. I do, at any rate.

In this case, I had to show the guy in panel two looking at a specific page on his phone while on a yacht. The screen of the phone had to be visible and large enough to distinguish some of the information. Did I mention he had to be on a yacht? How do you show a yacht and the screen of a tiny smart phone at the same time? If you zoom out enough to see the yacht, you can't see the dude or the phone. If you zoom in enough to see the phone, you can't see the yacht. So I chose to use symbols. In this case, yacht symbols. Or, at least, maritime symbols. A white cabin wall, a port hole, a railing and one of those orange life preserver rings. I think it does the job ok.

Here's the final:

Illustration involves a decent amount of design. And design is problem solving. On a tight deadline, the solutions I come up with aren't always pretty or elegant the way I'd like if I had all the time in the world, but I'd like to think they're seaworthy.

Other thoughts: The ocean is hard to draw. I like the color differences between the two panels. I paid close attention to the lighting. Overall, a good, solid effort. As for the result...well, it'll do. Like I said: seaworthy. Not a grand ol' ship, but she'll float.

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