Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like baseball.

Hello sports fans.

Please feel free to imagine Bob Uecker is announcing this post.

It was the most wonderful time of the year recently. That's right: "Lindy's" baseball illustration time. I know that not everyone celebrates Lindy's Baseball Illustration time, but I hope that, no matter where you live or what you hold dear, Lindy's Baseball Illustration time can be a moment of the year where you take time to reflect on the things you truly value, cherish the people you love, and gather 'round the warmth of an open fire to talk about how much you love illustration and want to hire an illustrator to do some work for you in the very near future.

The topic this year for Lindy's Baseball was the upcoming rule changes in MLB. The rules are designed to speed up the game, because apparently too much time passes in America's Pastime. No one seems to mind that a one-hour football game lasts four hours. Maybe people find baseball boring because not enough brain damage happens on the field of play.

Here's an article on Deadspin about the new rules.

At any rate, one of the rules is that the batter must keep one foot inside the batter's box at all times. Here's the layout sketch for the illustration:

This was a fun layout. I'm usually allowed to be as cartoony as I want for "Lindy's", which is great good fun. Not that I think all illustration should be cartoony, but I firmly believe that all illustration should take advantage of the fact that it's illustration. There are very distinct advantages to illustration. Foremost, in my mind, is that it's a world where you can visualize the impossible. Want an ostrich riding a dinosaur? No problem. Illustration can not only depict the impossible (or unlikely), it can do so with style. Which is why I enjoy drawing things in a cartoony way. The exaggeration is delightful to draw and it makes a unique impression.

Here's the outline:

Finally, here's the final version:

Like I said: Fun to draw. Hopefully, fun to look at. Drawing bored people is fun. Boredom is a subtle expression. It's also never just on the face. Boredom is fun the whole body can have. It's in the shoulders and hands and back. I suppose you could say that about almost every expression, though.

I spend so much of the year looking forward to Lindy's  Baseball Illustration time and then it's gone in a flash. All I can do now is look forward to this magical time of year next December.

Merry Lindy's Baseball Illustration time to all, and to all a good night.


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