Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bird Enthusiast Holiday Card

I was contacted recently by a couple of weirdos who asked if I would draw a holiday card for them.  Seeing as these particular weirdos happen to be my parents, I pretty much had to take the job.  There were a lot of prerequisites for the job.  And by "a lot", I mean precisely two: They asked me to include their faces and they asked me to make the card a specific size.

I considered doing a Resident Evil/Dawn of the Dead-themed card, but decided it wasn't a great fit for the holidays (and anyway, my grandma already did one of those last Christmas).  Realizing that they both enjoy the outdoors (not a place I was familiar with, but I looked it up: apparently, it refers to the place that's not inside your house where there's usually wildlife and nature and stuff).  More specifically, they love birds.  Mostly watching and feeding (and sometimes bird eating, but don't tell the birds that).

So I moved ahead with that concept.  Here's the sketch:

Here's how that sketch looks with the outline:

And here's the whole card, beak to tail:

So there you go.  Fun project.  And they liked how it turned out, so...bonus.


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