Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All the Student Media Adviser's Men (and Women)

I drew a caricature of a friend recently.  But if you want any of this to make any sense whatsoever, I have to go back about a decade.

It was in the early 2000s and I was a young, bushy-tailed college student drawing awful cartoons for the student newspaper, The Argonaut.  Some guy named Shawn stepped into the position of  Cat-Herder-In-Chief (Student Media Adviser).  The paper started to win awards.  Many of the students who worked at the Argonaut went on to do interesting, impressive things.  A decade later, Shawn is still at the helm of it all.  And to celebrate his 1/10th centennial, a bunch of his former students decided to come back to town and surprise him.

This drawing was part of that surprise.  Here's the sketch:

Here's the final drawing:

And here's the drawing after I put it into a parody of the student newspaper:

The parody is complete with an article written by another former journalism student.  It has more cliches in it than a Nicholas Sparks movie.  It's a thing of beauty that would make any newspaper writer cringe half to death (hence the expression on Shawn's face).

And speaking of the expression on his face, here's something I've never seen photographed before: The real-life expression on his face when he saw it for the first time:

It was a great weekend.


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