Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lindy's College Basketball 2014!


Everyone has a list of things they love to do in Summer, right?  Particularly in August.  It's usually the hottest month.  Usually you can also feel the Summer slip sliding away at that point, which makes you want to go out and do even crazier things to get your fill.  I'm no different, really.  Except I'm an illustrator, which makes me a lot different.

Every August, one of my favorite things to do is work on illustrations for "Lindy's Sports Annual" (the college basketball edition).  This may not sound like fun to you, but believe me, to my illustrator's heart, this is a swimming pool full of kittens and jello.

One of this year's stories had to do with the high rate at which players are transferring from one school to another.  I was asked to draw a basketball player with tattoos of various colleges/team names that were then crossed out and replaced by others.

Like so:

The other story I was asked to illustrate had to do with Bruce Pearl and Kelvin Sampson who are both returning to coaching after recent suspensions.  Pearl and Sampson are both known for their on-court histrionics, which made them extremely fun to caricature.  They also both have good features for caricaturing, which helped.

Here's the sketch:

The illustrations are going on either side of the article, hence the gap in between the two characters.  Here's the final:

These were so, so much fun to draw.  I also had a decent amount of time to work on them (more than a week), which is unusual for me.  The caricatures I usually draw are for Investing.com, which are a one day turnaround.  Although I'm always happy to draw them, the abbreviated deadline means I don't get to spend as much time on the craft of the caricatures as I would like.  This time, I had all the time in the world.  That time really let me dive in to the shading, skin tones and highlights, and everything else.

These were really, really satisfying to draw.


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