Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let's get ready to grumble...


Here's the most recent financial cartoon, which touches on the controversy of several large banks allegedly manipulating the price of gold.  Here's what I was asked to draw by the team at

-A boxing ring
-A gold brick/bar, beat up and sitting in one corner
-A banker/boxer in the opposite corner, surrounded by banker/trainers
-A "ring girl" holding up a sign that reads "Gold $1, 265"

Here's the sketch:

Aaaaaand here's the final:

Here are some of the parts of the drawing on which I think could have done better:
-Composition: There's no real flow.  The characters are all just kind of crammed in.
-The background: There isn't one.
-The gold bar: I should have made more of an effort to shade it to look like gold.  He just looks like a brick of cheese.
-The ropes of the boxing ring: They're too bright and distracting.  I should have made them all one color.  As it is, they're pulling attention away from the main elements.
-The bankers on the left and right: One of them looks like a baby, the other is a little too generic.

This one was around 11 hours' worth of work.  More characters take more time and five characters ate up the lion's share of the effort this week.  But I need to spend more time laying out the comic and considering every element.  However, as I've said many times, a one-day deadline mostly ends up being panicked.  Ideally, I would have plenty of time to think everything out carefully.  The rush sometimes makes the drawing feel thrown together.

Here's what I DO like:

-The ring girl's face
-The shading on the left banker's face
-The boxer/banker's face

It's a short list, I know.  Maybe if I give it a couple of days, I'll be a little more forgiving of this comic

There's another explanation for this fairly harsh review, and it's summed up nicely in one of my favorite comics ever from the guys at Penny Arcade (Warning: language).


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