Sunday, February 2, 2014

Graphs and stuff!

Hello there!

In lieu of a comic for this week (there was a scheduling conflict but we'll be back on the air next week), here's some recent work for Decagon Devices.

These first two have to do with the difference between beam and diffuse radiation:

Nextly, we have some graphs:

I don't have too much to say about these.  Graphs don't seem like they would be terribly exciting to draw, but I'm always happy to do them.  I like the challenge of turning graphs (which have never been the flashiest of data delivery vehicles) into something visually appealing.  Also, they're a nice change of pace from time to time and I think they force me to consider a different set of aesthetics.



Unknown said...

Ok, I'll bite. So what IS a flashier data delivery device? Seriously, I'd really appreciate your ideas.

Noah Kroese said...

Steve: NORMAL graphs aren't a very flashy means means of conveying information. But when you and I work together to create graphs...awesomeness happens. More awesomeness than could be feasibly contained on a graph.