Friday, December 20, 2013

Here are a couple of illustrations for this year's baseball edition of "Lindy's Sports Annual", a great magazine to which I contribute from time to time (and am always happy to do so).  I was asked to work up two illustrations for two different stories.

The first story has to do with runners charging the catcher at home plate.  Here's the sketch:

Aaaaaand here's the final:

Thoughts on this one: Have I mentioned how much I love drawing detail?  Well, I love it a bushel and a peck.  This had some great detail to draw: dirt and grime, black eye, missing teeth, a pink cast, etc.  It had some not so fun detail, too.  It turns out I don't much care for drawing catcher's masks.  There.  I said it.

The second of the two stories deals with a trend of lower batting averages.  Here's the layout/concept sketch:

This here's what the final looks like:

Thoughts on this one: Again, I loves me some detail and this one has it in spades.  And drawing grime is always fun.  In real life (or "IRL", as the kids say these days), I'm a pretty clean dude.  But when I'm drawing, I like things duuuuuurrrrty.

This was a fun set.  Like I said, it's always a pleasure doing illustrations for Lindy's.


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