Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bookpeople Store Map: Thar She Blows.

Avast, Buccaneers.

The first store map for Bookpeople of Moscow is ready to set sail.  If you don't remember our previous voyage, I was asked by the good folks at Bookpeople of Moscow to come up with some store maps for them, which I was delighted to do.  Maps?  Cool.  Books?  Cool.  Maps of books?  Excellent.

I decided to start with the pirate/treasure map concept, which looked like this originally:

After consulting a rough blueprint of the store, redrawing everything from stem to stern, getting accurate locations of every bookshelf and its contents from the owner and adding additional details, she looks like this:

This project was a veritable treasure chest of fun.  It would be hard to pick a favorite part.  Maybe drawing the little doubloons, which each say "Bookpeople of Moscow" in tiny letters.  And also making the map looked aged.  When I was a kid I would sometimes "age" my drawings using tea bags.  The process is a little more sophisticated now, but the result (a giddy, nerd of an illustrator having fun) is the same.

Great good fun, says I (aye).


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