Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lindy's Sports Annual 2013!

Here's my perennial contribution to "Lindy's Sports Annual".  This year I illustrated a story by sports writer Frank Burlison.  There are actually two versions of the sketch:

Having just returned from about a week of not drawing at all, this was one of those times when the sketch fought me the entire way.  It was a real struggle to come up with a decent layout.  And even when I'd finished this one, I kept looking at it and thinking it wasn't that interesting.  So I changed a few things:

Once I had a sketch that both me and the editor were satisfied with, it was time to move on to the final:

It was a fairly fast turnaround time (which is usually the case with Lindy's), but I'm still pretty happy with the result.  Which is a nice consolation when the whole thing was a real grind.  But, like I said, All's well that ends well.


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