Friday, June 14, 2013

WAZEd and Confused

Here's this week's comic for!

Google just bought up a company called WAZE, which makes map apps.  The concept (thought up by the folks over at went a little something like this: I was asked to draw Sergey Brin and Larry Page being chauffeured by a robot (using WAZE to navigate) and being chased by Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook.  Simple enough, right?  Here's the sketch:

Nine hours later it looked like this:

A couple of quick thoughts: The car is pretty goofy looking, right?  I needed a way to draw my standard bobble-head like characters inside the cab of the car.  I figured my options were: Convertible, having Page and Brin stick their heads out the windows or sun roof, or having a comically exaggerated roof.  In hindsight, the convertible might have been the better option, but I only just thought of that option as I was writing this post, so I can't say it was a fat lot of good to me when I was actually working on this thing.

Why not continue the armchair quarterbacking of myself, while we're at it?  The background is a little too abstract for my taste.  The hills look like a cardboard cutout.  And there should have been some kind of middle ground element between the foreground and the background (grass, for instance).  I also would have liked to add some more motion lines or color streaks to suggest the movement of the car.

However, in spite of these criticisms, I don't mind this comic so much.  It was a lot of work in a short amount of time, but I don't hate the result.  I like the colors and I like the caricatures (particularly that of Brin).  So...score.


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