Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saturday! The book! The website! The post!

If you've been visiting this site for a year or more (thank you, btw), you'll know that on top of being in the freelance illustration racket, I'm also working on a book.  If you didn't know that already, my book is called "Saturday."

It's the most fun I've ever had drawing, which is really saying something.  Until fairly recently, I've been pretty guarded about it.  It's sort of my nature.  But I also love to see the process of things being created.  Watching how things are made fascinates me, and that goes double for drawing.  So I put together a website that's just about the process of creating "Saturday".  It has concept sketches, character design sketches, early pages and panels, and some talk about the process to boot.

The address is:

(I'll also be adding a link to the list on the left of this page.)

Swing by and check it out.  I'll be putting up new posts probably every Monday and Thursday, so check back in regularly to see the latest.


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