Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All That Glitters Is Gold.

Happy Wednesday!

Well, here's the latest installment of the weekly financial illustration for  This one deals with the possible destabilization of world economic conditions and whether or not said instability would lead to a subsequent rush to invest in gold.  Cheery stuff!

As is always the case, the good folks at dropped off the subject of the comic in an unmarked envelope at an undisclosed drop site and I, wearing my fedora and beige overcoat, picked it up from the drop site while I looked around suspiciously to see if anyone was watching.  I really will have to work on my trade craft a bit more.

At any rate, I was asked to draw Hu Jintao, Barack Obama, Shinzo Abe and Angela Merkel all reaching for gold bullion from a big pile.  The only element I devised was the vault, and I can't say that was necessarily innovative.  I mean, where else would you keep gold bullion?  I do like the way the circular opening of the vault door draws attention to the faces of Barack Obama and Shinzo Abe. 

Other details I think turned out well in this illustration: The caricatures (they're not bad, considering there were four of them in a one-day turnaround piece) and the slight glow of the gold on each face (I would have made this more prominent but I was burned out by the end of the day).

What I would have done differently, given more time, etc.: Well, more gold glow, as previously stated.  I would also like to have included some reference to "Goldfinger".  Perhaps a cameo of Odd Job in the background, Goldfinger's nefarious henchmen (who could crush a golf ball with his BARE hand.  I mean...that's pretty strong).

So there you go.  Enough blab.  Time for looking at stuff I drawed.


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