Sunday, July 29, 2012


Il-loo-stration?  Anyone?


I guess that won't make sense until I explain the job.  The second assignment for Silverwood Theme Park was to illustrate a sign in honor of a long-term employee of the park.  His name is Lonnie and he's been a plumber at the park for quite a while.  He actually worked there before I worked there in high school and he's been there all these years.  In honor of his service to the park, they decided to name one of the park's facilities after him and asked me to illustrate a likeness of Lonnie that would be displayed on its sign.  They called it "Lonnie's Loo".

First up is the original concept sketch, followed by an alternate version with Lonnie on the cart in which he roams the park on his various assignments, and last up, the sign's final incarnation.  I hope to have an actual photo of the sign to post here eventually, but I haven't got one just yet.

Once again, crazy fun had here.  I've enumerated before what I think are the many advantages of illustration: its ability to exaggerate, its personality, its ability to create imaginative and hypothetical visuals, etc.  A theme park is, by its nature, an alternate reality where all these facets are celebrated.  Makes the whole thing pretty great.


P.S.: Il-loo-stration.  Get it?


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