Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ashes to Dust

This week's comic is all about banks!  Everybody loves banks, right?  Well, you may or may not have heard a little story about Barclays, a storied British bank that's been accused of leaning on the LIBOR numbers for financial gain.  Now the bank is in big trouble.  The comic compares Barclay's trouble (and potential future) to that of other once-prominent banks that are no longer with us.

So, down to the drawing itself: Once again, I would have preferred more time on this one.  I would have preferred to re-do the banker (in retrospect, I would have liked to make the banker look like Mr. Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life" or perhaps Gordon Gekko).  I also would have liked to put more detail into the tombstones.  Perhaps some funny limericks about the banks and their troubles ("Bear Stearns: Pushing down earns, pushing up ferns" or something like that).  I also would have liked to spend more time on the stonework of the tombstones, which can be pretty ornate, creepy, and fun to draw.  I would have added more generic tombstones to the background (and more variety in the shapes of those tombstones), rust to the wrought-iron gate, and some perspective/proportion changes an various places.

Overall, however, given the amount of time, I think this one is acceptable.  That's as complimentary as I'm willing to be.  Humbug.


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