Friday, June 15, 2012

Ben Bernanke

Last week's illustration for Forex Pros involved Ben Bernanke. I have a feeling he will be a frequent subject, along with Angela Merkel. Given their influence in some of the largest economies in the world, this isn't too surprising. The trick will be depicting them well (doing justice to their features so they're recognizable) and, though I don't have editorial control over the subject matter, depicting them with some modicum of dignity. This illustration was intensely fun to draw. It was single-character, which gave me (relatively speaking) lots of time to work on the details of his face. I based the posing, expression and clothing on Michelangelo's God, who always looked pretty upset. I always enjoy the inclusion of classical painting elements into cartoons. I suppose because it gives me a chance to look at classical paintings, but also because the anachronistic quality of the images seems to contradict the medium of the comic and the subject of financial markets. So there we are. Cheers.

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