Sunday, May 20, 2012

Financial Hijinks

Last Friday, Facebook officially had an IPO (initial public offering) of stock. It was pretty big news in the financial world. Forex asked me to create this illustration and, as always, I was happy to do so. It's fun to be able to cover subjects with which I'm not completely familiar. Illustrations of subjects outside what I consider to be my wheelhouse theoretically foster growth, but it's hard to know just how much growth is going on. I won't really know until I see my illustration grandparents next time and they pinch my cheek and tell me the exact amount of growth that's taken place since our last get together.

KD2, Duct Bank

These two illustrations were another relatively quick project for Decagon Devices, Inc. The KD2 Thermal is an instrument that measures the heat dissipation in various kinds of soils. This is a handy little instrument to have if you're installing electrical cables, for instance, and you need to know about heat tolerances. If you don't get it right, the cables could burn themselves out, causing all sorts of unpleasantness. The accuracy of this measurement is effected by the contact between the KD2's prong and the soil into which it's inserted. Bad contact means a bad measurement, which can be a problem in various kinds of soils. In such cases, thermal grease is used to create continuous contact. The first image is an illustration of precisely that. The second is an image of a duct bank (what a set of industrial-grade power cables might look like after they've been installed). Cheers.

Getting Medieval

On paper. These were a project from last week (a relatively fast turnaround time). I don't often have the opportunity to draw subjects like these, so it was a nice little departure.

Friday, May 11, 2012

One More

This one belongs with the other financial illustrations, but wouldn't fit.

Financial Illustrations

Several weeks ago I was asked to create some illustrations for a financial website. It's likely going to be a regular gig, at least for the foreseeable future, so I'll be posting these once a week or so, time permitting. I only function as an illustrator in this case (the subject matter is given to me). It's a lot of fun. It's also a lot of work done in a very short period of time. Which is part of what makes it fun. I haven't really had these kinds of fast deadlines on a regular basis since I drew political cartoons, and I forgot not only how interesting it can be, but also how quickly your muscles (both metaphorical and literal) get stronger.

Instrument Logo Work

Hiya! I've been completely, totally, and utterly swamped since the Kickstarter campaign ended (successfully, I might add. And thanks to everyone for making it possible). So, in the interests of brevity and (subsequently) my sanity, these posts will have to be short on text. Once things cool down a bit, I'll be back to my overly-verbose musings on a whole host of subjects and issues no one particularly cares to hear about and will probably skip over anyway. First set of images: KD2 logo work. These logo concepts were for an instrument made by Decagon that measures the thermal dissipation in various soil types.