Thursday, April 26, 2012

CTD Finals

Hello again! Remember the concepts for the CTD marketing material? No? Well, I was asked by the good people over at Decagon Devices to work up some concepts for a new sensor of theirs called the "CTD", which stands for conductivity, temperature, and depth (those are all things it measures). If you want to take another gander at the concepts, they're in an older post on the blog. Go ahead. I'll wait.... Ok. Did you look? Well, here are the finals. The pull apart illustrations are extremely fun to do. When I was a kid, I always wondered how things looked on the inside. This went for gadgets and machines, rocks, and just about everything else. I think part of the fun of doing this kind of illustration stems from being able to partially satisfy that curiosity. I drew this one at a very large size, so it's not necessarily easy to see some of the detail (like the brushed coating on the stainless steel cover). The three panels are all environments in which the CTD would likely be implemented for various forms of data collection and research. Again, the benefit of illustration here is that these panels can show cross sections of the environments that would be extremely difficult to show using photographs (a cross section of a stream bed, for instance). And again, these were pretty fun to draw. I'm always a little tempted to draw fossils or buried pirate treasure into the soil, but the sad fact is that it's unlikely such items would actually be present in these environments, particularly at these depths. So, for the sake of accuracy, the dinosaur bones and treasure chests were excluded. Sigh.

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