Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trip Sketches! (Volume 1)

For the past week I've been away on business where I did not have access to my tablet.  I did have access to an old-fashioned kind of tablet called a "sketchbook" wherein the ancient ones used to make marks on a surface with various implements like pens and pencils.

It's always great to get back, however temporarily, to working in a sketchbook.  The texture and energy of working in a sketchbook is, in my opinion, still somewhat lacking in the digital arena (the caveat here is that I've done no research on programs or plug ins that might mimic that feature of sketchbooks).  At any rate, it's still pretty enjoyable.

Here are the first two sketches.  Other than some stylistic similarities, I can't say there's much of a theme to this collection of drawings.  When I sit down to draw, I want to have fun.  For me, that means making up characters with exaggerated features, a lot of expression, and probably some kind of crazy costume.


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