Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trip Sketches, Vol. 3

Here are the last two of the sketches I did last week while traveling (BTW: am I the only one who feels like the word "traveling" should have two "l"s?).  The first (pirate), was pretty much just drawn because I love pirates and have since I was little.  I have seen relatively few fat pirates, though, and so I thought I would create one.  I imagine there just weren't that many fat pirates, given the rigors of the job and all.  Sailing.  Stealing.  Scurvy-having.  You know.  Rigors.

The second sketch is kind of an emotional self portrait.  I often feel very uptight.  Nervous and uncomfortable with myself.  Not unlike the slightly overweight, "Star Trek" loving middle school kid I once was.  So this drawing was a fun exercise in self-lampooning.  Enjoy!



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