Sunday, March 25, 2012

Robot and kitten sketch!

This is just a fun little sketch I did this weekend.  I'm still having fun sketching the traditional way and I may try to do it on a regular basis, time permitting.  There's a certain level of charm in a sketch on paper that I still can't quite replicate digitally.  There's more energy in the lines, good texture, and it's not as infuriatingly clean (something I never thought a confirmed clean freak like myself would ever miss).

I don't want to over romanticize working on paper, though.  There are a few disadvantages and working in the sketchbook lately has reminded me of some of them.  For instance, I had actually forgotten that using a pencil on paper actually creates two marks: the graphite line itself and the groove created in the paper from the pressure of my hand.  Only one of those two marks erases, though.  If you look closely you can see areas where I erased over and over but the indentations remained (around the kitten and around the robot's head, just to name a couple).

I didn't make this mistake with this drawing, but I've done this about a billion times: I'm erasing a section of the drawing aggressively and I don't have the paper held down well enough.  The eraser grabs the paper and it wrinkles the crap out of the whole thing.  At this point, I can try to meticulously bend all the creases in the opposite direction and try to flatten it out again, or I can just start over.  It's one of my least favorite aspects to drawing on paper.

Anyway, this one was great good fun.


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