Monday, March 19, 2012

Poster Contest

Superpunch, a very fine blog featuring some great pop culture gems, announced a poster contest recently.  The guidelines were: Make a movie poster featuring DC characters.  That's pretty wide open, which is partially what made this irresistible.

I came up with several potential ideas and narrowed it down to the two I thought were the strongest.  I decided to go with the ideas I thought were conceptually strong instead of moving ahead with ideas I thought would be more fun to draw (lots of detail, fantastic elements, etc.).  I think I would have had more fun if I'd gone the other direction, but c'est la vie.  I still had fun on these.

The first is a parody of "Wall Street" (the original 1987 version).  My version features Lex Luthor in the role of Gordon Gekko.  I love the dress shirt with the white collar and cuffs, which nicely characterize the era and the personality.  It's a little odd having one fictional character play another, but I thought they paralleled each other perfectly.  Given some of the recent events and the results, I thought this would be a nice send up.  I guess my political cartooning instincts die hard.  Ultimately, I decided not to move ahead with this idea because it was too simple.  I knew it wasn't going to be as interesting to draw or look at in the end, so I went with the second concept.

Idea number two, which eventually won out, is a mash up of the Batman series and one of my favorite comedies of all time, "Arthur" (the original).  If you haven't seen "Arthur", it's great.  It's about a drunken billionaire (played brilliantly by Dudley Moore) and how he fills his life.  It also features John Gielgud as Arthur's long-serving and sarcastic butler.

I thought Bruce Wayne would be a great stand in for Dudley Moore.  He's rich, he has a loyal and wise servant (not as foul-mouthed as John Gielgud, unfortunately), he lives in a mansion and he has a flashy ride.  I also like the idea of Bruce Wayne getting to have a little fun.  He seems tense.

All in all, a fun little side project.


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