Sunday, January 1, 2012

Snowville Run!!!

In November, right around Thanksgiving, my girlfriend Kym Dahl and I decided we'd like to make our friends and family something special.  We wanted to create something that would be fun and different and, fingers crossed, memorable.

Eventually, we decided we would create a board game.  A Christmas-themed board game.  We also thought it would be great if the game pieces were paper craft figures.  Together, we designed a trivia game based on our favorite Christmas movies, books, TV specials, etc.

I think, after a good deal of self-induced amnesia, the game met all our expectations and was liked by everyone.  Of course, I specifically told the recipients to lie if they didn't like it.  In all, we made only eight of these.  Eight game boards, over 30 paper craft figures cut and assembled by hand, and 800 trivia questions.

And lo, we called our Christmas creation "Snowville Run".  And now we are tired.  Tired and happy.


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