Friday, December 16, 2011

Art Auction Final!

Remember the poster for the Prichard Art Gallery's 25th Annual Art Auction?  No?  Well, I was commissioned to create the poster for said event.  The concepts were posted not too long ago and you'll find them below if you're interested.  At any rate, I had hoped they would choose a particular concept (though I would have been happy finalizing any of the concepts) and so they did.  It was, however, the least finished of the set.

Initially, I had intended on leaving the piece relatively loose and painterly to try and capture the fun, free spirit of the gallery.  Aside: Not too long ago, I worked pretty much exclusively in water color.  At the time, I wanted water color to be capable of bold, rich, opaque colors and I was always dissatisfied with the result (gouache was too flaky and inconsistent and oil took too long to dry).  Of course, now that I paint digitally, I'm looking to recapture the feel of watercolor.  Oh, the irony.

Well, capturing the fun, free spirit of the gallery proved more complicated than I figured.  It turns out I'm neither fun nor free-spirited.  Here's what the conversation in my head sounded like:

My Intention: "Hey, I was thinking we could do this know, kind of loose."
My Militant OCD: "No."
My Intention: "But, it might be nice...kind of different."
MMOCD:  "No."
My Intention:  "But-"
MMOCD: "No."
My Intention: "Oh...ok."

Truth be told, one of the reasons I'm not a little more loose is that I love drawing detail.  I love drawing wood grain, the shine on a metal surface, individual hairs, dirt, etc.  For me, those details make an illustration.  And, when that's the case, what you get in the end looks something like this.


Art Installation Concept

I was contacted recently by a local artist submitting a proposal for a juried exhibition.  Gerri Sayler is a phenomenal artist who creates installation pieces that are both visually and intellectually interesting.  Gerri asked if I could draw up a sketch for her proposal.

The result is relatively different than anything I've produced up until this point, which made it pretty interesting.  It was a quick turnover, but I'm still happy with the result.

Thank You Cards

So, two sets of thank you cards.  The first was for Decagon Devices, Inc.  The initial project was for three different cards, which accounts for the number of concepts here (as much as I like Decagon, it's unlikely I would do twelve different concepts for a single card).  However, in the end we moved ahead with only one of them (top row, second from the left).  The set after is (as you could probably have surmised without the color commentary) variations on the design they picked.

The second card is one I put together for personal use.  My girlfriend threw me a surprise party for my 30th birthday, inviting pretty much all of my friends.  It was western themed and absolutely spectacular.  I decided to continue that them, both in the thank you card and throughout the rest of my life.

Choral Society Winter Ad

The title pretty much says it all.  This is just the info and a few of the graphic elements from the Palouse Choral Society's winter concert poster in a format for newspaper advertising.