Friday, November 11, 2011

Origin of the specious

So, while I really liked the idea of the pictogram composers, there had to be a method of distinguishing the posters from each other.  There are four concerts this season, which correlates nicely with seasonal visuals.  Thus, this concept was born.

I liked this one quite a bit.  Hassler was a stylish fella.  I'm pretty sure he was having Thanksgiving dinner one evening (probably a Thursday evening), looked at the turkey and thought, "Hey, those paper things on the turkey legs would look great around my neck."

When presented, however, there was concern that the visual of the composer was too obscure.  I couldn't disagree, so even though I loved the composers idea, it had to be 86-ed.  Other elements and the overall style of the poster were well-liked (the seasonal elements, the frame, and the landscape) and the subsequent concepts were built around those themes.


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