Thursday, September 8, 2011


Perennially awesome client "Programs and People" recently brought me a new assignment about innovators in science.  The article features three men whose research into their respective fields is not only groundbreaking (sometimes literally), but also very marketable.  These men are Kerry Huber (who has discovered a way to allow the human body to block the starch in potato products from being turned into fat), Steve Love (native plant seed specialist), and Garth Sasser (livestock management).

Here's what I love about "Programs": The designer I work with is a friend of mine and is a genuine pleasure personally and professionally.  She's worked with many other contractors (as well as having done freelance work herself) and always treats me with respect.

"Programs and People" is a magazine produced by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Idaho.  Working for any large organization often means being answerable to any number of administrators and managers as well as to a large, very diverse constituency.  Readers of "Programs" are likely all over the map in terms of political and socioeconomic positions.  It would be nearly impossible to keep this kind of group satisfied without creating something that's nice but relatively bland.  But "Programs" manages to consistently create an engaging publication and still allows people like me quite a bit of creative freedom.  My hat is off to people who can walk such a line.  It's one of the reasons I'm excited to work with them every year.

For the concepts, I focused on only one of the featured researchers (Garth Sasser) to simplify things.  The ideas were all based on the phrase, "Taking ideas to the marketplace".  The first (coin silhouette) was meant as ancillary art.  Concept two plays on the fact that Sasser's research affects dairy products.  Concept three is based on a turn of the century sign and concept four is a fictitious 1960s space-age science magazine.  These concepts would have been applied to each of the other subjects eventually.

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