Sunday, September 4, 2011

Decagon: SDI

This is a set of concept illustrations for a new Decagon project.  It involves a new method of data transmission between sensors and data loggers.  My understanding is that, essentially, this method greatly simplifies what would ordinarily be a fairly complicated sensor array.

The illustration is meant to show the path a client's data would take from its source to the client's computer.  Beginning at the greenhouse (where the sensors are installed), the data is collected and routes through a kind of sensor hub which relays the data to a data logger and then on to a computer.

I tried a few new approaches in this one, including using an X-ray-like visual for the sensor installation illustration.  You would think that, after the factory illustrations (see old blog post for reference), I would have learned my lesson about multiple-point perspectives.  But the fact is that it just makes for a more interesting visual.  And the more compelling the visual, the more likely it is that the viewer will absorb the information.

There will likely be thorough revisions to this set, but overall I think the set does its job nicely.


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