Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lindy's Round 2

One quickie (the clipboard) from this morning and one sketch of Bruce Pearl that didn't end up getting used.

Process Photos


Remember the fair cut-out project?  Well, it's pretty much wrapped up.  Here are some photos of the project as it came together over the last two weeks or so.  Keep in mind these are 4' x 8'.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lindy's Basketball

It's been "Lindy's" time again this week.  Which is part of the reason I've been so busy.  One of the articles in the upcoming college basketball issue has to do with Indiana's teams and how there's been a bit of a reversal of fortune between two in particular.

Part of the article suggests that, were we to go back in time to 1985 (when "Back to the Future" was made), we'd find the status of these two teams to be the complete opposite of what they are presently.  So opposite, in fact, that it would seem like a weak plot device in a bad piece of fiction.  So that's the genesis of this illustration.

This one was done at break-neck speed, but in spite of that I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


PagePipe elements

Here are a few illustrations for the website Pagepipe.  There was a pretty pronounced shift in the approach to the site and these illustrations are the result.

New Splash Screen

A new splash screen for one of Decagon's microsites (Aqualab).

Recycling Process

Remember the initial sketches for this project?  Well, if it's your first time to this blog, probably not.  It's for a recycling company and is meant to generally describe both small scale and industrial recycling processes.

But if you do happen to remember it, this is what the final (tentatively) looks like.  There's always the possibility that additional changes will need to be made, but it's likely at this point that said changes will be minimal (is there an emoticon for crossing your fingers?).

Overall assessment:  Fun.
Favorite part: Drawing the trucks.
Least favorite part: I find drawing tires tiresome.

Man, I love what I do.

Don't call it a comeback...

Because it was really more of a retort.  Nevermind.  That's retorted.

There has been a bit of a gap in posts as of late, no?  This is the point where I would normally explain that I've been intensely busy, make my apologies and a few jokes, and then promise never to do it again ever ever.  But I'm a bit pressed for time, so if you could think back to one of the dozen or so times I've already done that (just pick your favorite) and mentally insert it here, we'll get to the actual work much faster.  Done?  Ok, cool.

Here's the final for the Lysimeter splash screen.  I likes it.  At this point I've pretty much exhausted my conversational Lysimeter knowledge, so I'll just post the piece.  It was well-received and hopefully I'll get to do a few more at some point.

I'm also going to post some illustrations I did explaining how to refill your differential pressure transducer.  Yup, finally gave in to all those requests that were inundating my inbox.