Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Isn't it icon-ic?

In case you thought I might have been spirited away in the rapture, here's proof positive that's not the case. I assume it's because of that thing that happened in the second grade. At any rate, I've been busy with a potpourri of projects, each of them just about as disparate from the others as they can be.

The first is a software icon for Decagon Devices, Inc. I've designed a few of the graphic elements for this particular piece of software. I like the cleanliness and functionality of icon design. To me, the process seems more difficult than say, logo work for a business because an icon has to be intuitively understood and not noticed.

This icon represents web help. Within this program there's the regular help button and a button that provides help using the interwebs as a resource. This icon was designed for the latter. 45 iterations, concepts, and variants later, one was chosen. It's not always easy to convey tone in text, so I'll just say outright this project was genuinely fun. Which I'm pretty sure makes me a dweeb, but whatevs.


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