Thursday, April 21, 2011

Historical Society Logo Concepts

Here are the concepts for the logo. I don't know if I could pick a favorite. Usually, one of the concepts stands out and I subsequently suggest that concept to the client. But this time I'll be happy regardless of which one is chosen.

One lesson I've learned over the years (I'm not a fast learner so it took a while) is: Never put forward a bad concept. I've had a couple projects where I had several decent concepts, but I wanted to have a nice number of concepts to present. For some reason, I picked the number five, as if that were a more dignified or significant number. So I'd have three or four concepts I liked and I would throw one more in there that was sort of half-baked. On one or two occasions, the half-baked concept was chosen. When that happens, it makes the project difficult to work on and makes me rue the fact that I just threw that last one in.

So now, whenever possible (sometimes the time to flesh out really strong concepts is a luxury), I present concepts I genuinely like. That kind of investment can be a liability if everything gets rejected, but in my mind it's better than presenting something I'm not proud of. I'm sorry for all the sentences here that ended in prepositions.


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