Thursday, March 24, 2011

Logo Work

I was commissioned recently to do some logo work for a restaurant. Here are the initial versions of the logo. The process is ongoing but I'll be sure to post the final version eventually.

I actually really like logo work. It doesn't seem like something I would enjoy. Or maybe, given my proclivity for enjoying technical illustrations, just the opposite is true. I'm a big fan of precision and cleanliness, both of which logo work tends to have in spades. But it doesn't really involve much complicated illustration, detail, zombies, samurai, or aliens.

I suppose what I really like about logo work is the challenge of distilling an idea, thought, or feeling into a graphic that communicates the complexity of said idea. It can be tough. People tend to have emotional associations with just about every word and image in existence.

It's also challenging because there usually have to be dozens of variations or different logo ideas created before you find THE ONE.

So, in summation: Noah gives logo work thumbs up.

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