Thursday, March 24, 2011


I kind of grew up outside. Not in a Jungle Book type way, but I spent a lot of time playing outside as a kid and I still really enjoy the outdoors. I'm also an illustrator. So it's a little weird to me that I don't do more landscapes. I usually enjoy them, I find them interesting and challenging, and people tend to respond positively to them. Why don't I do them more often?

My theory is that I'm just MORE interested in the things an elementary school or middle school boy would be interested in (again with the zombies, superheros, monsters, etc.). But all those characters need landscapes to walk around in, so I suppose it behooves me to hone my landscapabilities (oh, yeah, that one's going on Urban Dictionary).

Of course, this project has nothing to do with any of that. What follows are the concepts for a set of large landscapes that are likely to end up in the office of a client. These will be big (anywhere from 2' x 4' to 2' x 7').

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