Friday, October 1, 2010

You asked for it

For years now, my millions of adoring fans have been screaming for a water balance technical illustration. Well, my friends, here you are.

Commissioned by Decagon Devices, Inc., this illustration shows the various movements water might make in a given area. Eventually, it will wind up in one of Decagon's catalogs.

I love this illustration. Seriously. There's something so satisfying and exciting for me about this kind of work. For me, a lowly illustrator, some of this information is new and downright baffling. When there are large amounts of information to be conveyed, the illustrations that accompany said information can be a bit dry. So not only do I enjoy being exposed to new information (I think they call that "learning"), I also love the challenge of making information like this visually exciting. Ok, maybe "exciting" is a bit of an exaggeration for most people. There won't be a warning beneath this illustration for people with pacemakers, but I think it will be interesting to people. And it was exciting to ME. So...bonus.

I was wondering the other day about my proclivity for technical illustration. It seems like most people wouldn't get this excited. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I realized recently that I'm a second-generation technical illustrator. My grandfather worked on technical schematics and illustrations. I have one he did for Hughes Aircraft. Is that cool, or what?

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