Friday, October 1, 2010

Programs and People Final Illustrations

The good people at "Programs and People" were nice enough to allow me to illustrate both the feature article and the cover, which I was super excited to do. As you'll see, they chose the concept of the little girl in the woods. All of the art continues with that theme.

I'm not sure if I've brought this up before, but I used to paint with oils years ago. It was the focus of my undergraduate show (large scale, photo-realistic portraits). I loved the depth of color and richness oil provided. But when I decided I needed to make money for things like rent and food, oil just wasn't practical anymore. Illustration means deadlines and oil was just too slow (and I never got the hang of acrylics). I also always had trouble creating sharp, fine lines with oil. I shifted over to watercolor, ink and colored pencil for years, but I always lamented the lack of depth.

The tablet provides the depth of color of oil paints and the fine, sharp lines and control of ink and pencil illustration. These illustrations are great examples of that versatility. And, with the increased speed, I'm able to add more detail and more visual interest to my work.

I always hope for my illustrations to accomplish a number of things:

-Please the client.
-Satisfy myself.
-Entertain and fascinate the audience.
-Create enough visual interest for people to want to look more than once.
-Be evidence that I love what I do.

I think these illustrations hit most (if not all) of those goals.


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