Friday, October 1, 2010

Programs and People Concepts

This set of concepts is for "Programs and People" magazine. The feature story in the magazine this year deals with budget difficulties faced by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Idaho, particularly with regards to the reduction in money from state and federal government. From there, the story goes on to describe the uncertainty in the programs' future.

As the story is multi-faceted, it was pitched to me from several angles. This is part of the reason there are so many concepts in this set. For the most part, though, I like to use what I call the "shotgun approach" at the outset of a project. Basically, it just means interpreting the story/project in as many ways as possible and coming up with a wide range of visuals to match.

My favorites:

-George Washington Graduate: This one is meant to depict the influence money has on various college programs and departments. The concept isn't as illustrative, but I like that it's visually very different and it was fun to put together.

-Soldiers: This concept was based on the various beleaguered parties within the college. Running a department at an institution of higher learning is difficult in the best of times. With severe budget constraints it becomes exponentially harder. These characters are based on Willie and Joe, the consistently exhausted Bill Maulden characters from his Stars and Stripes tenure.

-Little girl in the woods: Based on the idea that pursuit of alternate funding is leading the department into unexplored and unfamiliar territory, this Hansel and Gretel-esque concept I think nicely captures the emotional content of the issue.

-The Viking (or Vandal) on the desk: Also based on the "unexplored territory" vein, I like how different this one looks. Working digitally allows me so many more possibilities, which is exciting.

I'll post the concepts I liked first, then the remainder in two other sets.

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