Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Did someone say Drain Gauge?

The second project for Decagon was a series of manual drawings for a Drain Gauge. I have an odd impulse to be apologetic about the geeking out I'm about to do, but I'll ignore that impulse. About two months ago I was invited to a field install of this device, which I found totally fascinating.

The drain gauge does pretty much what it sounds like, along with several other nifty things. When installed correctly, it measures the amount of water moving through a given sample of soil. The field install was a bit like watching a cooking show (which I also love) in that I was able to witness the entire process from start to finish, step by step. Something about watching a progression like that has always been interesting to me.

Along with the functions of the device, the physicality of the device is also cool. It has a surprising number of components of various colors, textures, and sizes, which made it fun to draw. On top of all that, I learned about the product and the process. Yet another example of illustration introducing me to new experiences and arenas. So, to recap: Installation=Interesting and fun. Device=Interesting and fun to draw. Learning=Exciting. Entire process=Sweet. (If this language is a little too scientific, I apologize.)

So, here she is...

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