Thursday, May 13, 2010

Landscape Finals

Remember the landscape concepts I drew up for Decagon circa one million years ago? Well, I've been working on those landscapes for a couple of weeks now, which is one of the reasons I haven't posted anything recently.

I'll be honest: I dragged my feet on this project. I had some other deadlines to meet and there was no set deadline for the landscapes, but that's really only an excuse. The truth is that I wasn't excited about working on these. I wasn't sure I had anything to add in the Palouse landscape arena.

But after a myriad of unsuccessful attempts with only a general idea of the final product, I stumbled over a sort of faux-etching technique and found myself not just enjoying the work but excited about the outcome. It was just a very fine pen (Micron 005), a ruler and a French curve. Oh, and time. I think Milli-Vanilli was popular when I started these.

I showed them to a group of friends (fellow illustrators and artists) and they're convinced I'm a robot. I cut myself shaving yesterday, though, so no dice on that theory. But I guess Replicants bleed, so you never know.

At any rate, I presented them yesterday. They went over well. Now, in a strange perversion of my initial reaction, I'm a little sad to give them up. It's like a bad romantic comedy.

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