Saturday, March 27, 2010

Unusual Decagon Commission

Last week, I was asked by Decagon to do an illustration of primates destroying a data logger. This is part of a promotional package for a new version of the product. If you're familiar at all with this blog you'll probably notice that, subject wise, this piece is a bit of a non-sequiter in terms of the work I've done for Decagon. I've typically done technical drawings for their product manuals.

The deadline on this one was pretty short (a couple of days), but that didn't really prevent me from having a lot of fun putting this one together. I went a little crazy with the concepts (one of the 10 or so I came up with featured a chimp karate chopping the data logger). Alas, time constraints forced me to cut the concept process short and put pencil to paper. Here's the result.

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