Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Lindy's Work

Here are the two latest illustrations for "Lindy's Sports Annual". They're for the Baseball edition, which is out of Seattle. One of the illustrations accompanies a story dealing with a young phenom pitcher named Tim Lincecum, who plays for the SF Giants. The story contrasts Lincecum's relatively diminutive build (in comparison to other major-league players) and his ability to out-power batters much larger than himself. The illustration references David and Goliath in that hyperbolic way I'm so fond of using.

The other illustration is for a story about Joe Mauer, a talented catcher currently playing for the Twins but considering free-agency. He's being courted by both the Red Sox and the Yankees, but has strong connections to the Twins.

Both illustrations were done under the gun in terms of time constraints (I spent only two days each to complete them), so my satisfaction level is not what it would be had I been given more time. However, in comparison to past Lindy's illustrations, I'm pretty happy with this set. I'm either improving my ability to produce quality illustrations in short order or I'm getting better at reconciling myself to the results and moving on. Or both.

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