Friday, December 4, 2009

Gumbo, Rounds 2 and 3

Remember Gumbo? Several weeks back, I posted a sheet of concepts for this character (part of "Project Q", my illustration venture with MI6 and Howard Hughes). After the client saw these concepts, there was some rumination and eventually an executive decision to try again, this time with the character as a Hispanic man with effeminate features. (I'll post the original set here as well.)

So, here are the results. I wasn't thrilled with outcomes, so I decided to keep at it. I sketched out three more alternatives, this time basing the characters on Prince, George Michael, and David Bowie from Labyrinth (none of whom are Hispanic). This time, I'm more satisfied with the outcome. Granted, it's easy to draw a character based on a real person who is already essentially a cartoon, but nonetheless, I think they fit the bill nicely. We'll see if the client has the same level of satisfaction.

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