Saturday, November 14, 2009

Decagon Christmas Cards

Recently, I was asked by Decagon Devices to come up with some concepts for a Christmas card. Here they are. I think there are 14 total. Typically, I don't do concept drawings in color, but in this case (particularly given the simplicity of some of them) I felt color would be necessary to communicate the concepts.

Decagon is a company for which I've done technical drawings and logo work within the last year. While working on these projects has been rewarding and challenging, I'm finding this project to be a blast for different reasons. It's a great way for the company to show a sense of humor behind all the serious research that goes on.

These are all relatively self-explanatory. The concept they chose is in the upper left-hand corner of page two. It's the North Pole with a product called the "Eco-Logger" (a device that relays information from the sensors to a computer) strapped to it. It was one of my favorites and I'm glad they chose it.

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