Sunday, November 22, 2009

Art Auction Poster Concepts

I've been commissioned to draw a poster for an auction benefiting a gallery here in town. It's an annual event and it's always good fun for a good cause. For me, the best possible scenario is one in which I'm told to produce something with virtually no prerequisites. Of course, the ideas had to advertise the auction itself, but the approach was left entirely up to me. I find I'm at my best when I'm left to run wild and free, because as the old saying goes, "Let your illustrators run wild and free." Here are some of the concepts. My favorite is the Jacques Louis David parody (he's one of my favorite).

Decagon Final Art

Here's the final art for the Decagon Christmas card. It was a fairly straightforward conclusion. The only real change I made (aside from some of the smaller details on the Eco Logger) is the inclusion of the moon, which I think helps to balance the composition.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Logo Redesign Redesign

Because of some limitations imposed by the screen printing process, the logo redesign for Decagon (see earlier posts for more info and images) had to be altered. Originally, a design of two overlapping circles was chosen (one represented soil, one water, and the overlap formed a a leaf). Unfortunately, I was unaware of color limitations and was asked to give it another shot, this time treating the logo as if it would print in black and white. Here are the results.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

LCRI Poster Revision

This is the latest version of the second poster I illustrated for Lewis-Clark Recyclers, Inc. While they were satisfied with the first drawing, they wanted a few extra details added (details that, in all fairness, I should have included and simply forgot). The recycling receptacles to the viewer's left of the bear are new (these were designed specifically for school recycling), along with the individual states now visible on the US map behind the table.

Decagon Christmas Cards

Recently, I was asked by Decagon Devices to come up with some concepts for a Christmas card. Here they are. I think there are 14 total. Typically, I don't do concept drawings in color, but in this case (particularly given the simplicity of some of them) I felt color would be necessary to communicate the concepts.

Decagon is a company for which I've done technical drawings and logo work within the last year. While working on these projects has been rewarding and challenging, I'm finding this project to be a blast for different reasons. It's a great way for the company to show a sense of humor behind all the serious research that goes on.

These are all relatively self-explanatory. The concept they chose is in the upper left-hand corner of page two. It's the North Pole with a product called the "Eco-Logger" (a device that relays information from the sensors to a computer) strapped to it. It was one of my favorites and I'm glad they chose it.