Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New LCRI Poster

So, if you check in on this blog regularly, you may or may not have noticed a bit of a lag in posts as of late. This can be mainly attributed to the most recent project, a new poster for Lewis-Clark Recycling, Inc. The first poster was completed back in June. Although the previous poster (I'll include it in this post for reference) was well-received by the client, but I had reservations about it (mostly the usual neurotic, hyper-critical kind).

Well, I think this poster far exceeds the previous poster in almost all respects. The rendering itself (the overwhelming majority of which was done by hand with only a few digital alterations to the background), the information portrayed along with the manner in which it's presented, the amount of visual interest, and the overall mood of the new poster are all stronger. Only in terms of composition do I think the first poster bests the second. But, given the amount of information in the second poster (visual and text-based), I thought this perspective would be most advantageous.

As always, I'll wait to see what the client thinks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be as satisfied with the final product as I am.

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