Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ahhh, feedback!

Remember that cartoon I drew about the Vandals? I just talked to someone today who said, "Nobody got it. Nobody." The statement 'nobody got it' would probably have been enough of an affirmation, but bookending the statement with the word 'nobody' really gets the message across.

To be honest, I wondered if the reference wouldn't be too obscure. I also wondered if it wouldn't be difficult to tell the character labeled "Vandals" is supposed to represent Helen Keller, who is blind and deaf. In the end, though, I figured people would recognize Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller and subsequently put the two together. Oh, well. Would people have understood a more contemporary reference, or was it the execution of the reference that made the cartoon difficult to follow?

Oddly enough, this doesn't really bother me. It would have back when I was attempting to make a living at political cartoons. I suppose that's partially because I don't have much investment in cartooning anymore (I'm not bothered by that, either). Ok, back to illustrating. Cheers.

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Anonymous said...

Hey dude-man - I got it right away. I would have thought the title "The Miracle Worker" would have completely given it away even if you didn't recognize Helen or the teacher. I think the feedback you received speaks much more about the current generation's lack of experience with or knowledge of Helen Keller, her story, the movie, etc. , and very little to do with your drawing or the concept. Some of us (you included) have taken it up ourselves to learn about the generations before us, and that is reflected in at least recognizing these types of things, if not potentially understanding them. - Brant