Monday, September 21, 2009

Secondary Art Accoutrements

These are the objects that will accompany the characters in the "Programs" water article. The characters will be on one side of a two-page spread and their corresponding artwork will fall on the opposite page. I'll post the page of objects first in case you want to see detail and then the page mock ups just to give a rough idea of the eventual format.

I like the finished versions of all the illustrations for this project. They were well worth the time and energy spent to produce them. They were also fun to draw. I personally think these are the strongest illustrations I've produced for "Programs and People" to date (older illustrations can be seen in past entries on this blog in case you want to compare). I think the subject matter, composition, and general technical proficiency all exceed what I've drawn for the magazine in the past. Hopefully they'll go over well with the client.

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