Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Concept From Previous Set

You can only post five images at a time, so here's the sixth in the recycling concept set.

Recycling Poster Concept Drawings

Some months back, I was commissioned to create a recycling poster. The final iteration featured a bear gingerly placing recyclables into a bin while humans at a nearby picnic table gawked (this can be seen in a previous post). The company liked the poster very much and has commissioned a second. These are the concept drawings for it.

These drawings were, for the most part, a lot of fun. My two favorites are the bear as the teacher (tweed jacket with leather elbow patches, of course) and the science fair. The science fair in particular brought back memories from my own elementary school days a billion years ago.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Logo Redesign

Decagon, the company for whom I just finished a set of technical drawings, has also hired me to redesign a logo for them. The current incarnation of the sensor is the WP4, and it's used to measure water potential in soil samples. My first round of designing yielded 20 different logos and two potential print ads, which I will post here.

Altered Programs Illustrations

Here are two of the illustrations for the "Programs and People" water article with some minor adjustments.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Secondary Art Accoutrements

These are the objects that will accompany the characters in the "Programs" water article. The characters will be on one side of a two-page spread and their corresponding artwork will fall on the opposite page. I'll post the page of objects first in case you want to see detail and then the page mock ups just to give a rough idea of the eventual format.

I like the finished versions of all the illustrations for this project. They were well worth the time and energy spent to produce them. They were also fun to draw. I personally think these are the strongest illustrations I've produced for "Programs and People" to date (older illustrations can be seen in past entries on this blog in case you want to compare). I think the subject matter, composition, and general technical proficiency all exceed what I've drawn for the magazine in the past. Hopefully they'll go over well with the client.

Last "Programs and People" character

Here's the final version of the final character for the water article in the upcoming issue of "Programs and People". This character illustration represents a worker at a trout hatchery. I think there are several large trout hatcheries operating in Southern Idaho (near Twin Falls). The hatcheries have some of the most senior water rights in the state. However, even with senior water rights, scarcity becomes an issue.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Character Concept Set

This is the second round of character design commission. The first can be seen a few posts below this one. This set is a little further abstracted than the first, but I like the results.

Final 5TE Illustration

Here's the last of the technical illustrations for the 5TE operator's manual. I've said this before, but I continue to find this kind of illustration completely satisfying and challenging and I hope to continue doing illustrations for Decagon once this project is complete. This particular illustration is panel 2, to be paired with an illustration I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Project Q: Latest Character Design Set

Well, as the title of this post so succinctly points out, these drawings represent the latest round of character concept drawings for "Project Q" (insert secretive music here). This character's name is Vinny and that's all I can say. Well, ok. I'm not supposed to tell you this, but (MESSAGE REDACTED).

At the moment, character concepts are the most fun for me. They're more fun than I can shake a stick at, and that's saying something as my proficiency with a stick is well documented. It's exciting for me to create a character (and dozens of iterations of that character) based on a few attributes given to me by a client. I love exploring the various possibilities in facial expressions, body language, and the myriad subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) details that come to define a character's physicality and personality.

Programs and People Spread Part 3

Here's take two of the bather illustration for "Programs and People". The first version (see below for reference) seemed stale to me. I think this version is far superior. The perspective, expression, and composition make it more dynamic. Still to come: The fourth character in this series and the art to accompany all four (small objects related to the characters to be placed on the adjoining pages).

Friday, September 11, 2009

Character Concepts

Here are a few initial character concept drawings for a children's book.

Programs and People spreads

Here are two more illustrations for the "Programs and People" water story. These will be smaller and placed in one corner of four 2-page spreads. There will also eventually be narrow art for each one that runs along the bottom of the two pages.

I love the way these are turning out. The shading is a little different from my typical approach, but I think it provides a rich and visually-appealing result that still has character. The farmer and fisher-woman are the final versions. The woman in the shower is a reject. I finished it and then decided it was missing something. I re-drew it and it's now waiting for color, along with a fourth illustration of a fish hatchery worker.

Decagon Illustration

Here's the latest illustration for the 5TE (soil sensor) operator's manual. The combination of multiple layers and multiple-point perspective was challenging, but I think the result is strong and effective and justifies the extra work. There's one more illustration for the 5TE still to go and I'll begin finalizing it next week. I'm looking forward to it. This work continues to hold my interest (the level of detail and precision involved are likely two solid reasons for this) and I hope to continue doing this kind of technical illustration.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Programs and People feature art

Well, here's the final version of the main art for the "Programs and People" story on water scarcity. I think it turned out to be a very strong piece, which is good because I needed something to bolster my confidence.

I tried a few new approaches with this piece and I think they worked out nicely. I'll post the initial concept drawing with this for reference.